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Month: June 2010

Pink Girl Cowboy Hat

I just decided to re-do the baby cowboy hat instead of frogging the one I had made. I also changed to a pink cotton instead of the tan cotton to make it even cuter. I am really pleased with how the second one turned out as it looks a lot better than the first one. And it should be just the right size. So here’s hoping that I’m measuring correctly and she can wear it.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

As I was reading about the video games that were showcased during E3(Electronics Games expo in Los Angeles), one really caught my attention. Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Wii just seems like a game that I would enjoy.

Kirby is a pretty well-know video game character. Now he has been transformed into a yarn figure in this side-scrolling platform game. I wonder if the success of Little Big Planet had anything to do with Kirby’s yarn makeover? It is so good to see yarn – which I love – married with my other love – video games.

Just look at these screenshots. I’m sure some crafty folks have already started blankets, amigurumi, and more in homage to this game – which reminds me I do have pink yarn that is just lying around..

Baby Cowboy Hat

My niece is going to a Dude Ranch next month, so I thought it’d be fun to do a cowboy hat for her since her older sister has one. She is one, and the only pattern I had was from the book The Happy Hooker. So I did less stitches and used a smaller hook. I finished but the hat is too small. I couldn’t bear to frog it without first taking some pictures. It’s just too cute.

I think I will use a bigger hook since you use crochet with two strands. Also now I know that the hat doesn’t get much bigger than the top even though you add stitches throughout. So I will get the top the right size and hopefully it will all come together. This hat didn’t take but a few days, so I hope to be done in plenty of time for their trip.

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