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Month: April 2010

Hellboy, Jr.

For at least a year, I’ve been wanting to make a Hellboy, Jr. crochet doll. Somewhere we have a Hellboy, Jr. comic book where he is just too adorable and I thought would make a cute amigurumi. This is my first attempt. I couldn’t find any thin, black yarn in my stash so I had to use a bulky black yarn. It looks OK but I think it would be better with something not so thick.

Anyway, we were watching Hellboy II the Golden Army when I remembered that I had wanted to make him in crochet, so I started that night. My daughter hasn’t claimed him yet, so right now he’s still with the few amis I have made for myself.


I have another item to share from my most recent swap on Craftster. This was taken from my partner’s wist. I changed the colors to make it more ‘Firefly’ themed. This was my first time to make a flower of such size.

After finishing this, I really liked it. In fact, I’m tempted to make myself one. This is one of the reasons I enjoy craft swaps is that I will try different crafts or crochet patterns that are not exactly my taste. But after seeing the completed work, I really do like it for myself.

PlanetJune Crochet a-long

I’m so excited to be taking part in my first ever Crochet a-long. It’s being hosted by PlanetJune and features two of her free, adorable patterns. One is Daffodils and the other is a cute little whale. No lie, I was just thinking how I wanted to crochet a whale and some flowers for my mom for Mother’s Day. So this CAL is perfect!

By clicking the image, you can find out more details if you would like to join the CAL that will run through May.

Wristlet Bracelet

Here is my first venture into jewelry. It’s from a pattern found at Mademoiselle Chaos blog. She took a vintage shell pattern and made it into a wristlet or bracelet. I tried it first with thread crochet but just couldn’t get it so I used a cotton thread. Here it is after blocking.

I was able to make it in about an hour – that is once I got the pattern down. All in all, this was a fast project with great results. The bracelet is very pretty and next time I will try thread. Even if it doesn’t look right when I’m making it, I will wait until I block to pass final judgment.

Mini Malcom Reynolds

I recently made Malcom Reynolds of the TV show ‘Firefly’ for a swap, of course. This was my third attempt. I had never tried to make embroidery thread hair before, so this was a bit of a challenge. I also finally got a crocheted face that I can be proud of. He was inspired by the work of Geek Station Central. I couldn’t do a browncoat in felt so I just crocheted one. And I just had to do a gun holster. I may have to make me one now.

Easter Cthulhu

What would a holiday be without an interpretation of Cthulhu? He is missing a small, cotton tail. Once I either find one or give up and make one, he will be complete. My daughter has claimed this one for herself.

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