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Month: March 2010

Tinkerbell Purse


I recently downloaded Picasa to help me organize all of my photos and found that I had taken some project pictures that I hadn’t yet posted. Here is a purse I made back at Christmas. The handle is Tunisian crochet. I had made the handles for a purse that I never did finish. When I was making the purse, I thought of those crochet handles and how cute it would be together. I’m not much for sewing but do love my embroidery machine. I’ve been wanting to make a few more of these but just haven’t gotten to it yet. Maybe I can at least start one soon.


When I asked my friend what to get her 8 year old for her birthday, she said anything girlie. So I bought a couple of small toys and decided to also make a purse. I had some fun yarn and thought it’d be cute to trim a small purse with it. I found a cute free pattern on the Bernat website. I modified it slightly just to make it smaller. Here is the finished purse.


I didn’t realize until after getting half of the trim on that the colors are very spring/Easter. That’s not a bad thing but I should have used more pink. Anyway, I thought it turned out cute even though I still have issues joining rounds. No matter what method I do, I always seem to add a stitch. That’s something I need to work on.

National Crochet Month

grannysquares March is National Crochet Month. It’s a also National Craft Month. The two really go hand in hand especially for me as most of my crochet is crafty items.

To celebrate, I plan on crocheting as I’m sure many crocheters will be doing. I also plan to continue teaching my husband how to crochet. I’ve given him one ‘lesson’ and it’s time for another one.

I also want to write a few crochet patterns especially for some of my crochet items I have on my blog. Hopefully I can get them done this month. I’ve started on Snellie the Snail and will probably get Yoshi done since I want to do a pink Yoshi since he is my daughter’s favorite in Super Mario Brothers Wii.

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