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Month: February 2010

Crochet Luxury Item on Survivor

So tonight as I was watching my favorite reality show “Survivor” I noticed one of the luxury items a contestant had brought was a crochet blanket. This week’s challenge was for immunity and their one luxury item they had brought from home. The Heroes won but I’m not sure who brought the pink and white crochet blanket. I’m betting it’s a baby blanket either a contestants or maybe one of their children. Who knows.

Either way bringing a blanket is a good idea since blankets always seem to be a coveted luxury. Maybe in future episodes we’ll see the blanket again and get more of the story behind it. It’s always fun to spot crochet on TV shows. I just wish it was on the DVR so I could get a screen cap.

Valentine’s Cthulhu

Will you be my Valentine, Cthulhu? Although he looks more Japanese than like a Valentine, he turned out what I had pictured in my mind.


I did make his wings out of a heart to add some Valentine to his look.


Next up is St. Paddy’s Cthuhulu which should be challenging since he is naturally green.

Hu Dat?


Here’s the latest Cthulhu creation. I have named him Hu Dat. He is decked out in New Orleans Saints colors and is wearing the number 7 in honor of long-time Saints kicker Morten Anderson. Here’s hoping the Saints win it all Sunday! Geaux Saints!

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